English Curriculum Overview

In years 1 and 2 pupils have a daily English lesson, their curriculum novel is looked at in detail with a range of writing genres being taught. Pupils in Year 3 to 6 have a daily English Lesson. Within this lesson they are taught the following writing genres: chronological and non-chronological reports, formal and informal letters, instructions, balanced arguments and persuasive writing, stories and poems.

Teachers introduce each genre with a book, poem or text which acts as a stimulus for their writing. The book is read to or with the class and they are also given  opportunities to read and discuss good examples of the genre being taught, the aim being for them to become confident writers in each genre.

Pupils are also given time to build up their vocabulary and are taught genre specific vocabulary. They are encouraged to use this in their own writing.

Teachers will model how to write each genre and support pupils as they develop their writing skills, through marking and verbal feedback. There is also an English Working Wall in each class, where genre specific information is displayed to support pupils in their understanding. Toolkits are available for children to access in order to promote their independence skills.

Pupils also have 15 minutes per day dedicated to spelling and grammar. Weekly spellings are given for homework and the Statutory Spelling Lists are taught in each year group. We follow the “No Nonsense” Spelling and Grammar Schemes. Teachers also teach grammar that is needed for the specific writing genre being taught.

Handwriting is taught using the Continuous Cursive style, using Letter Join. Teachers model correct cursive handwriting when marking books, writing on flip charts and on displays. There is a dedicated time within class timetables to teach handwriting to ensure that there is a whole school focus on the importance of high quality presentation.

Reading Curriculum Overview

Every child in school has their own reading book and reading diary. Each child is assessed, assigned a book suitable for their reading ability and carefully monitored to ensure they are making expected progress. Books are matched to their phonic ability in EYFS and Key Stage 1, reinforcing sounds that are taught within their Read Write Inc. phonic lessons, in addition to supporting the text that they are currently reading in school as part of their phonics lessons.

Pupils have a 30 minute reading lesson every day in Key Stage 2, where they can discuss and compare stories, poems and non-fiction texts. They are also taught the decoding and comprehension skills needed to become fluent and successful readers.

We are passionate about developing a culture of “reading for pleasure” at our school. Daily stories are shared with each class, in EYFS and Key Stage 1 children vote for the story that they would like to listen to. Each class has an inviting reading area, with a variety of books. Our school library offers a wealth of books and children are invited to take home a book of their own choosing.

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