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Home Learning

Class 4T Home Learning

7th July 2021

Pronouns Activity Sheet

Pronouns And Possessive Pronouns

Recognise And Describe 2D Shapes

8th July 2021



Possessive Apostrophe (singular) 1

Possessive Apostrophe (singular)

Triangles Worksheet Part 1

Triangles Worksheet Part 2

Vote Michael For Milk Monitor Reading Worksheet 1

9th July 2021





Plural Possessive Apostrophes

Apostrophes Plural Nouns

Quadrilaterals Part 1

Quadrilaterals Part 2

Review Of The Tiny Tots Ballet Performance

12th July 2021

Describe Position Part 1

Describe Position Part 2

Sentence Types

Worksheet Sentence Types

Worskheet Unusual Olympic Sports

13th July 2021

Draw On A Grid Part 1

Draw On A Grid Part 2

Fairy Tale Town Present Perfect Tense Worksheet

Humpty’s Sentence Challenge Present Perfect Tense Worksheet

Present Perfect Tense

Wellbeing Ideas

Worksheet A Very Unusual Winter


14th July 2021

Fairy Tale Present Perfect Story

Move On A Grid Part 1

Move On A Grid Part 2

Puss In Boots Present Perfect Tense Worksheet

Troll Present Perfect Tense Worksheet

Worksheet The Cat In The Witch’s Woods

PE – Choose from the following or go and be active outside if you are fortunate to have a garden.

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