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Retelling the story of Noah’s Ark

Today EYFS children have listened to the story of Noah's Ark, we then retold the story together. The children were able to build their own Arks using the construction materials in the classroom.

Whole School Assembly

This morning all the infants and junior children had the whole school assembly together on the junior site. Mr Morton held Easter Service for the children and the staff. He discussed the true meaning of Easter - reminding them of God's love for us that lasts forever, that we can know it everyday and that … Continue reading Whole School Assembly

Enjoying the weather!

EYFS children continued to enjoy the great weather outside, and look what they found!  

Planting sunflower seeds

Reception children have planted our own sunflower 🌻 seeds today.  They could tell Mrs Smyth that their seeds needed soil, sunlight and water to help them to grow.

Enjoying the sunshine!

EYFS have loved playing in the sunshine!

More first aid action!

Continuing with our Being Safe theme in PSHE, Mr Walledge of Paragon Training and Consultancy was back to demonstrate more First Aid to the children.  After a quick recap of CPR and the recovery position, the children were taught how to deal with a choking casualty and the best way to deal with a broken … Continue reading More first aid action!

WBD Books!

Children were so excited to have used their vouchers to get their World Book Day books!

Children’s Mental Health Week

Children's Mental Health Week took place on 7 - 13 February 2022. The theme for the week was 'Growing Together'. This theme was used to show the children just how much they have grown over the year, not just physically but mentally and academically too. To show who has helped them grow, the children designed … Continue reading Children’s Mental Health Week

Launching Rockets

After successfully being accepted on to the European Space Agency (ESA) Astronaut Training Program following our letters of application and then designing a Space suit for the mission, our focus in science on Tuesday was to design and fly a rocket. Despite the windy weather, we still managed to launch our rockets and record how … Continue reading Launching Rockets

Learning about healthy eating

Last Friday our Reception children talked about the foods that ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar 🐛’ ate in our focused story this week. We then sorted the foods that he ate into healthy and unhealthy food. For our main activity we made our own healthy fruit salad, the children used the knives carefully to cut the … Continue reading Learning about healthy eating

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