Year 1 Curriculum

Year 1 Curriculum

Year 1

In Year 1 our teachers are Ms Gliddon, Mrs Cox and Mrs Thacker. We are lucky to have also have Miss Greaves, Miss Green and Miss Towning supporting our learning every day.

In year 1 we have some fantastic and exciting topics throughout the year including ‘Where is home?’, ‘Why can’t a meerkat live at the North Pole’ and ‘Where do Dragons live?’  Please see the Whole School Curriculum Overview for more details.

Useful website links


In Year 1, phonics is a huge part of our everyday learning.

The children receive two short phonics sessions every day where they are learning sounds to help them to learn to read.

Some really useful websites to support your child in phonics are:

We really love and value the power of reading! Please read with your child for 10 minutes each day and ask them questions about what they have read for example, what has happened, who are the characters, how might the character be feeling and why etc. We also encourage your child to read a book more than once to help to develop their fluency and understanding of the text that they have read. The things they read don’t always have to be story books – they could be leaflets, comics or even the back of a cereal box!


Please make sure your child has the appropriate kit including footwear for indoor/outdoor use as we will be doing both indoor and outdoor PE each term.

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