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School Priorities

Key Priority 1: Leadership and Management

  • Trustees to ensure that there is a sustainable and strong leadership team that can rapidly improve the quality of teaching and learning throughout the school.
  • Trustees and senior leaders to immediately put systems in place to ensure the safety of all pupils, including those off site, and that these systems are being used consistently.
  • Senior and middle leaders to effectively and systematically address poor-quality teaching and learning.
  • Senior leaders to use the additional funding for pupils with SEND and disadvantaged pupils appropriately so that they make at least good progress.
  • Senior leaders to use the additional primary PE and sports funding to benefit all pupils.
  • Senior and middle leaders to ensure that the curriculum enables pupils to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in a wide variety of subjects and prepares them well for life in British society.
  • Senior leaders to analyse incidents of poor pupil behaviour and take effective action to eradicate disruptive and poor behaviour.
  • Trustees to monitor and challenge the work of school leaders closely and accurately, holding them to account for the rapid improvements needed.

Key Priority 2: Teaching, learning and pupil outcomes

  • Teachers to have high expectations of what pupils can achieve.
  • Teachers to have strong subject knowledge so that they can plan learning to build systematically on what pupils already know and can do.
  • Teachers to identify pupils who are not achieving the standards of which they are capable and use assessment information to plan next steps in learning.
  • Teachers to identify and tackle misconceptions promptly, so that pupils understand how to improve their work.
  • Teaching to meet the needs of pupils with SEND and disadvantaged pupils so that these pupils make progress that is at least good from their starting points.
  • Teachers to set work that challenges pupils, particularly the most able pupils.
  • Teachers to ensure that pupils learn a range of reading strategies for tackling unfamiliar words and that pupils’ reading books are well matched to their abilities. 

Key Priority 3: Pupils’ personal development, welfare and behaviour

  • Improve the punctuality of pupils.
  • Further improve the attendance of all pupils, including disadvantaged pupils and pupils with SEND.
  • Further develop pupils’ understanding of what bullying is and secure parental confidence in the way that the school addresses this.

Key Priority 4: Early Years

  • Leaders to check that staff are undertaking regular and appropriate risk assessments.
  • Leaders to monitor the progress that children are making and ensure that additional funding is being used appropriately to increase the progress of disadvantaged pupils in particular.
  • Leaders to involve parents more positively as partners in their children’s learning and parents contribute to assessments of their children’s learning.

Key Priority 5: SIAMS

  • Staff and community knowledge of the framework.
  • Vision known and lived by the whole community.
  • Well-being support for pupils and staff.
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