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Y6 Writing project

Year 6 children have been reading Wonder by R J Palacio which describes the story of August, a boy with facial disfigurements, going to school for the very first time.  His parents are understandably nervous about this.  The children were asked to write a character description about the person who August meets on his very first day.  I think you will agree that Holly and Charis have captured this moment beautifully. – Mrs Walledge



I was petrified.  I just knew I wouldn’t be given a welcoming look.  I was 5 inches away from the gate and stares had already flooded around me.  Before I could scream and run away, my mum gave me the biggest hug in the world.  It clearly meant a lot to her.  I wanted to say something but I just couldn’t find the words.  She stood up and to my surprise, she told I have a choice to go or not.  But I couldn’t just give up now.  I am already this far.  I swallowed and only managed to spill out the words, “I’m ready for school.” She smiled and tears filled her eyes.  Dad and my sister gave me a hug and I knew I was finally ready.  They all got in the car and waved goodbye.  After I had waved back I took my first step onto the school grounds.

I entered the building.  I imagined the hallway was empty and deserted.  No one seemed to pay attention to me.  Thankfully enough a girl, known as Louisa, pulled me away from the silence.  She greeted me and I could feel the unsettling wave of nervousness come rushing back. I couldn’t stop stuttering no matter how much I tried.  She had pretty, golden brown hair, her cheeks were flustered rosy pink.  Her eyes were crystal blue and her shoes were baby blue Adidas trainers.

She shook my hand conscientiously, her hair swung and hit her in the back of the neck.  I could feel my shirt creasing and shrinking as my heart was already bursting out of my top.  It felt as if I was losing consciousness.  He dark, brown hair turned purple, her peachy skin turned white – as pale as a ghost.  I watched as her lavender cardigan shrunk.  I snapped back into the moment.  Suddenly the bell rang, it was the call to my attention telling me to leave.  “Sorry Louisa, I’ve got to go.”  I walked away trying to hurry.  Her shoes were screaming click clack click clack.

By Holly



I’ve been waiting for this day since what seems like forever.  We jumped in the car and headed towards Beecher Prep.  As I walked towards the school, I was dazzled by this girl with wavy, chestnut hair.  Her name was Lucy. She strolled up to me, seeing me staring at her, and asked if we could walk together.  I was confused, no one ever wants to walk with me!  This could be my new friend.

I followed her down the corridor to an immense, jet black door that boomed down on me.  As we were walking, her hair flew out gracefully as if she was a princess.

“Hey, you look….” I paused mid-sentence thinking about what I was about to babble out.

“What?” her gentle face turned as unyielding as stone.

“Nothing.”  I muttered, looking on.

We entered the room, it beat all my expectations (you had a desk all to yourself!), there was silence like someone had hit the mute button.  Everyone in our homeroom was looking at Lucy’s dress.  Lucy wore thick heeled sandals that blinded others with her brightness gleaming on them.  Her dress consisted of a green base colour with small daises planted around it.  A small shoulder bag danced around her side.  It had a Harry Potter logo embroidered into it.

“Hello loser,” proclaimed a boy behind her.

Her class joined in making spiteful comments about her.  I tried to defend her but those comments turned on me.

“Leave him!” Lucy bellowed.  She was tiny but had a huge voice.  Her eyes looked like a dart focussing on each individual.  Her mouth poised to shoot venom to kill them.  Steam was chugging out of her ears.  The teacher (whose name I didn’t quite catch) came in, she was her usual self….

As the bell rang for lunch, we found a table to sit on.  Now her face showed a scene as if butter wouldn’t melt.  Her long eyelashes batted furiously at the people in our homeroom.  Her skin was as ivory as snow.  I was surprised.  I had various areas with sunburn from the summer.  Lucy’s face dazzled in the light as if the Crown Jewels had been polished after 100 years.  Sometimes, she had the jaws of a jaguar or an immaculate smile.  Lucy didn’t give me the fake smile treatment like the others.  Her smile lit up the whole world with warmth.  Lucy was just as normal as me.

I knew she was someone to trust, someone who would be my friend no matter what.  She strolled through the school like an occupied personal assistant scampering after their master.  Unfortunately, she was giving me a lecture.  “Don’t let anyone get to you,”  she paused out of breath remembering the homeroom incident.  “Also, pay attention in Science or you’ll never hear the end of it from Mr King – he teaches Science.”  You could almost feel a presence in those dreary halls.  Beecher Prep has a high record of awards.  Glistening.  Not a speck of dust.  This felt like the place to be.  Lucy showed her luminous smile showing a pleasant day in one movement.  I could tell she was going to be my friend throughout middle school.

By Charis

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